Scantron Exam Scanning Service

This articles provides on overview of the Scantron Exam Scanning Service provided by ITS. This service is available to all UConn instructors.

The Scantron Exam Scanning service scores up to five different versions of multiple choice exams that can have up to 200 questions. Student exams are scored against an answer key provided by the instructor. Online and printed reports listing student grades or item analysis are provided.

The system uses Scantron Form No. 4521 8.5 x 11 blue exam scanning sheets available through Central Stores. Forms other than No. 4521 are not supported.

When instructors and students enter information into the sheets, they must use a number 2 lead pencil. No ink, stray marks, or correction fluid may be on any of the sheets, including the key sheets. This condition could cause damage to the machine and/or incorrect scoring of the exams. If ink or stray marks are discovered, the exam will not be processed.

To submit completed Scantron sheets to the service, complete the three instructor key sheets, which includes the answer sheet, and have the students enter the exam identification information on their answer sheets.

New Self-Service Exam Scanning Service

We have recently instituted self-service scanning of exams. There are now two new Scantron desktop scanners located on the first floor of Homer Babbidge Library near the Technology Support Center desk. You will find more information at the Scantron Self-Serve Exam Scanning Procedures link.

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updated 05/13/2019