Completing and Submitting Scantron Exam Scanning Sheets

The Scantron Exam Scanning Service is available to all UConn instructors. This article covers:

Students: Completing Student Answer Sheet

  1. In the NAME Area, enter the student’s name.
  2. In the IDENTIFICATION Number Area, enter the student’s 7-digit PeopleSoft number in columns A– I.
  3. In the IDENTIFICATION Number Area, column J must be left blank.
  4. In the SPECIAL Codes Area, enter the exam version number in column K.
  5. Fill in the Student SECTION Number in columns L and M.

Instructors: Completing Key Sheets

Key Sheet Number 1 – DEPARTMENT SHEET

Watch a video of how to complete key sheet 1

  1. In the NAME area, enter the 4-character abbreviated name of the academic department. For instance, Political Science (POLS), or Accounting (ACCT).
  2. In the IDENTIFICATION Number area, enter the 3-digit numeric course number in columns A-C. Our current program only allows three (3) digits.  Any three (3) digits of your course number may be used.  For instance, for 2072Q, Quantitative Analysis in Political Science, one could use “207” in this field.
  3. In the IDENTIFICATION Number area, enter the 2-digit section number in columns D-E.
    • For exams sorted by section, enter “00”
    • For exams of a single section, enter the section number.
    • Note: the numeric course number  and section number must equal 5 digits.
  4. In the IDENTIFICATION Number area, enter “1” in column J.*Always enter a “1” in column J.
  5. In the SPECIAL CODES area, enter the version number in column K.
    • For only one (1) version of an exam, enter a “1”.
    • For multiple versions of an exam, enter the total number of versions. The number must be between 2 and 5.  The Scantron grading program will only accept up to five versions of an exam.


Watch a video of how to complete key sheet 2.

  1. In the NAME area, enter the characters “NID” followed by a space, and then the first three alphabetic characters of theinstructor’s Net ID.  In the example above, the instructor’s NetID is “abc23456”.
  2. Enter the numeric part of the instructor’s Net ID in columns B through F.  The numeric portion of the NetID must begin in column B at the bottom portion of the sheet in the IDENTIFICATION Number Area.
    • Note: The numeric portion of the instructor’s NetID must begin in column B.
    • Note: Column A must be left blank.
    • Below is the full-page view of the instructor’s NetID entry:
  3. In the IDENTIFICATION Number Area, always enter “2” in column J. This differentiates this Key Sheet Number 2 as the Instructor Net ID Sheet.


Watch a video of how to complete key sheet 3.

  1. In the NAME AREA, enter the instructor’s last name.
  2. In the IDENTIFICATION Number Area, always enter a “3” in column J. 
  3. In the SPECIAL CODES Area, enter the version number in column K. Enter a “1” if only one version is given.  If the instructor has multiple versions of an exam, a separate Answer Key Sheet must be completed out for each version, with the corresponding version number in column K.
  4. In the ANSWER AREA, fill in the correct answers. Instructors can leave questions blank. The Scantron machine will not grade questions with no answers. Multiple answers for a single question will result in an error. Above is one version of a 10-question quiz in which number 6 is an essay question:

General Rules for Key Sheet 3:

  • Use column K to define the version of the exam/quiz. If there is only one version, enter a “1.” If there are multiple versions, each version must have a unique Key Sheet with the version number entered in column K.
  • Multiple answers are not permitted and will result in an error.
  • Blank questions are permitted and will not be graded by the Scantron program

Instructors: Self scanning exams

We have recently instituted self-service scanning of exams. There are now two new Scantron desktop scanners located on the first floor of Homer Babbidge Library near the Technology Support Center desk. You will find more information at the Scantron Self-Serve Exam Scanning Procedures link.

Be sure these requirements have been met before submitting exams for processing:

  • Ensure that no ink, stray marks, or correction fluid are on any of the sheets, including the key sheets. This condition could cause damage to the machine and/or incorrect scoring of the exams. If ink or stray marks are discovered, the exam will not be processed.
  • Completed answer sheets must all be facing the same direction.
  • Exams must be placed in clean, large envelopes with a clasp for secure closure.