Installing and Using Microsoft Office for Mac

Downloading Office for Mac requires a few different steps than for a Windows computer. A personal Microsoft account is required Office activation on Mac. Do not use a UConn email for the Microsoft account.

Note. Office products can only be activated once. If they have reached the activation limit contact Microsoft, they will dissociate the product key from the previous computer. 

Downloading Microsoft Office Using a Microsoft Live Account

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your NetID credentials and click Login.
  3. Once logged in, the screen below will be displayed. Select Office for Mac 2016 or 2019.
  4. Read the description to make sure that the computer fits the system requirements and that the account fulfills the eligibility requirements. If the criteria is met, select Add to Cart.


  1. When it is finished processing, select your shopping cart (this is located at the top right of the screen) and select Check Out.
  2. Read the “Microsoft Student Option User Acceptance Form” and Accept the licensing agreement by using your username (NetID i.e. abc12345) and signature (First and Last name i.e. Jonathan Husky)
  3. Verify the information listed and select Proceed With Order.
  4. Write down the Product Key for later and select Download.
  5. A new tab will be opened. On the new page select Download

  6. It will ask to login to user’s personal Microsoft account (This account is run and monitored by Microsoft and is different than your normal UConn credentials). ***Do not use your UConn email for this step!*** Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  7. Confirm Account Settings and select Next.

  8. Click on Install from the following page.

This is will download the .pkg installer file.


  1. Open the .pkg installer in your Downloads folder after you have finished downloading from UConn OnTheHub.
  2. The Microsoft Office installer will launch. Click Continue.
  3. Click Continue and Agree at the license section.
  4. Select Install for all users of this computer and click Continue.

  5. Enter the Mac’s administrator password and select Install Software in order to continue the installation.
  6. Microsoft Office will begin installing. Once the installation is finished, select close.

  7. Open one of the Office programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and Sign in with your Microsoft account to activate.
  8. You are ready to use Microsoft Office.

Uninstalling Microsoft Office: 

  1. Enter the Applications folder.
  2. Open the Microsoft Office folder > Additional Tools > Remove Office.
  3. The Uninstaller will launch.
  4. Click continue and all components of Microsoft Office will be uninstalled.

If you are experiencing issues fully uninstalling Office you may check Microsoft’s support article on troubleshooting this procedure.