Scantron Grading – Uploading scores to HuskyCT (BlackBoard)


    Instructors who use one of the two new scanners in the library to scan their bubble-sheet exams will be emailed several files, including an “.rbbx” file.
    This is an xml type file that only has StudentID’s (PeopleSoft numbers)and grades.

    Then the instructor goes to their course in Blackboard, and under Course Tools they click on “Remark Grade Import”.
    There, they can choose to create a new column or choose from existing columns and clicks on “choose file” to upload grades.

    If there is mismatch in StudentID, which happens with bubble-sheet exams, you can choose the student from a drop-down menu that only lists the students who didn’t have a grade, just like regular grade import to the Grade Center.




    Here is a link to instructions on how to properly fill out Scantron exam sheets:

    Questions or issues, contact the ITS Helpdesk at 860-486-4357,, or

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