Scantron Self-Serve Exam Scanning

This articles provides on overview of the Self-Service Scantron Exam Scanning Service provided by ITS.

ITS has recently instituted self-service scanning of exams. There are now two new Scantron desktop scanners located on the first floor of Homer Babbidge Library near the Technology Support Center desk. This service is available to all UConn instructors in addition to the drop off service provided in the past. This will allow instructors to immediately scan their exams and not have to wait for the exam to be picked up, scanned, the results to be emailed, and the forms to be mailed back. Also, instructors will be able to retain possession of their student answer forms.

The Scantron Exam Scanning service can score up to five different versions of multiple choice exams that can have up to 200 questions. Student exams are scored against an answer key provided by the instructor. Instructors will also receive an email from which includes a .ZIP file containing reports and exam data. Online and printed reports listing student grades or item analysis are provided.

The system uses standard 8.5 x 11 blue exam scanning sheets available through Central Stores.

When instructors and students enter information into the sheets, they must use a number 2 lead pencil. No ink, stray marks, or correction fluid may be on any of the sheets, including the key sheets. This condition could cause damage to the machine and/or incorrect scoring of the exams. If ink or stray marks are discovered, the exam will not be processed.


See Completing and Submitting Scantron Exam Scanning Sheetsfor information on filling in the Scantron bubble sheets correctly.

Verify that the NetID you entered on Page 2 is correct. Your NetID is used to email the exam results to you. If it is incorrect, two things may happen. If you entered a valid NetID that belongs to someone else, your reports will be emailed to them. If it is an invalid NetID (not in the email system) you will receive an error message at the end of the process, and no reports will be emailed. You will have to correct the NetID and re-scan the exam.

There can only be ONE answer per question. If the answer key (page 3) or a student exam has two bubbles filled in for one question, the sheet will be dropped into the reject bin. If the issue is with an answer key then all student exams for that version will be incorrectly graded.

If a student did not bubble in the version (for exams of 2 or more versions), the exam will be graded as the lowest version available (i.e. version 1).

To Scan Exams:

  1. Place exams in the intake hopper in the following order:
    1. Page 1 (course information) on top,
    2. followed by page 2 (NetID of instructor which is needed to email results),
    3. all page 3’s(version answers in order),
    4. and then the student exams
  2. Check to ensure that the exams are placed under the swing arm.
  3. Click on the “Start Scanning” button on the desktop pop-up.

  1. Do NOT press the button on the scanner itself!

    1. The Button will change to “Scanning” and scan the first two pages of your exam, and then the button will change to “Waiting for Remark”. This may take a few minutes. You will see a red “Remark” splash screen and then it will scan the rest of the exam.

You will then see this pop-up:

  1. If you have more student sheets to scan, place them in the intake hopper and click “Yes” and the batch of exams will be scanned.Otherwise, if you are done, click “No” and the program will continue to the Grading and Reporting phase.
    • This may take a few moments while it collates the data.
  2. When it has finished creating the reports it will continue to the Email phase.
    • If you get an error message this may indicate that you entered your NetID on page 2 incorrectly, and that ID is invalid.
  3. Click ok. The final pop-up will display stating that the Send Wizard has completed.

  1. Click OK and the Remark windows closes, and you are finished.

  1. The email should arrive in you UConn inbox very soon.

Here is a link to instructions on how to properly fill out Scantron exam sheets:

Questions or issues, contact the ITS Helpdesk at 860-486-4357,, or

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