Scantron Troubleshooting

Common causes for exam sheet rejection:

  • Student filled in more than one answer for a question.
  • Instructor filled in more than one answer for a question on answer key(s).
  • Instructor failed to fill in page 1,2,or 3 correctly.
  • There is more than one bubble filled in for a column on any type of sheet.

Common causes for error message during report building phase:

  • Student did not fill in test version number when there are 2, or more, versions. These exam sheets may be graded incorrectly using another version of the exam. Viewing the emailed reports should indicate which exam caused this error, and the students’ exam may need to be re-graded by you.

Paper “Skew”/Jam errors:

If an exam sheet jams, or you are given a “page skew” error, grab the sheet as show in the image above, and gently pull the paper away from the rollers with a slight side-to-side motion.

This sheet will have to be re-scanned.

Error message during Emailing phase:

Your report files are stored in a folder named “RemarkTemp” that you can access via the desktop folder shortcut shown at the left. Double-click to open the folder. At this point you have two options:





You may email these reports to yourself using UConn’s web access to Outlook at,
You can move the files to a thumb-drive that you provide.


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